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Bevo's Daily Round Up 2.12.09


Horns_bullet_mediumDogus Balbay is the boost Texas needs.

Balbay became the Energizer Bunny the Longhorns’ offense sorely needed. He juiced this team like it hasn’t been wired since December and led Texas to a season-high point total and a 99-74 victory over the Cowboys.


Former Texas quarterback James Brown will be working with Lamar University as an assistant coach and recruiter.

"It’s really great being back in Beaumont and I’m enjoying my role as a recruiter," Brown said.  "I initially thought it would be difficult to recruit students to a program that won’t actually begin play until 2010, but I’m finding that most prospective athletes want the extra year of eligibility."

Not that we were worried... The University of Texas System regents unanimously approved the new contract for Will Muschamp.

And the McCoy-Shipley saga continues. Even Dr. Saturday had to weigh in on this.





Aggie continuing education. The A&M football team attended a lecture on Tuesday, Integrity and Performance: Making Yourself All That You Can Be.

Maybe if you just had a defense, period. Any defense will do. I Am The 12th Man debates going back to a 3-4 and reminisces about The Wrecking Crew.

The Mike Leach watch. CBSSports' Dennis Dood believes there may a divorce in Tech's future.

Try to imagine Brown or Stoops being given an ultimatum after an 11-2 season. The truth is it wouldn't happen. Brown and Stoops are among the top five paid coaches in the profession. Both schools have been more than proactive in rewarding their coaches. Leach? Let's just say there is something of a realization by all parties of how Texas Tech is viewed in the college universe:

Its football coach doesn't want to be there.

Maybe Leach really is annoyed about that whole parking spot issue?

Arizona associate head coach and running backs/tight ends coach Dana Dimel has taken the same position at Kansas State.

Oklahoma State's Zac Robinson is back for another year, but coach Mike Gundy has a lot of talent waiting to take over after Robinson graduates.

Oklahoma State wide receiver Bo Bowling has been suspended after an arrest on drug possession charges.

The Dallas Morning News interviews Texas Tech head coach Pat Knight.

In what ways are you similar to your dad?

We're both very competitive. I do have a temper. They just don't put mine on SportsCenter all the time. I'm also real laid back. You can tell by my relationship with the media.

Big 12 Hardball has a preview of the Oklahoma Sooners baseball team.

Nebraska's baseball team is young.

Of the 34 players on Nebraska's roster, 12 are freshmen, nine are sophomores and five are junior college transfers playing their first season for the Big Red.




The NCAA rules committee is hard at work. They want to strengthen the rules that punish flagrant personal fouls.

"The safety of the players in our game is of critical importance," said Mike Bellotti, chair of the NCAA Football Rules Committee and head football coach at the University of Oregon. "We believe, in some cases, that players must be penalized more severely when the contact is clearly flagrant and dangerous."

They are also considering disallowing touchdowns where there is excessive celebration.

Citing an increasing concern over unsportsmanlike conduct, rules committee chairman Mike Bellotti said Wednesday that his group is considering "a major change" to the taunting rules.

Currently, "taunting, baiting or ridiculing an opponent verbally" is considered a dead-ball foul. Penalty yardage is assessed on the next kickoff. If the rule is changed, penalty yardage would be marked off from the spot of the foul and the touchdown would be nullified.


And finally...

Ken McLean, the player that caught "The Texas Special" in the 1965 Texas-Texas A&M game has died after a battle with cancer. Condolences to his family and all Aggies.