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Texas Guts Out Win at Colorado

Not surprisingly, it wasn't pretty. Texas escapes 85-76 in overtime against a poor Colorado club. The win takes Texas to 6-4 in Big XII play and possibly into fourth place by the day's end.

The full review will come later today or tomorrow morning but a few quick points

1) AJ Abrams played a second straight outstanding game. Other than a couple of heat-check jumpers midway through the second, he played within himself and within the offense despite being defended with a box and one defense for most of the game. Without his offense today, Texas loses. It is that simple.

2) Cory Higgins was equally impressive for Colorado. We've seen some great performances by opponents this year (Blake Griffin, Luke Harangody, Denis Clemente, etc). His career high 34 points was right up there with all of those. Texas had no answer for Higgins.

3) Texas still doesn't know how to close out games. The Longhorns were up nine points in the final minutes and blew the lead. Damion James had two free throws to win the game in regulation and clanked both. This team is definitely taking years off my life.

4) Dogus Balbay was very good in his second career start. As I mentioned after the Oklahoma State game, defenses still are not respecting his jump shot and they have no reason to either. But against OSU and again this afternoon, Balbay took advantage of straight line driving lanes to finish at the rim or find teammates for open looks on the baseline or in the paint.

Any road win is a good one. Don't forget that.

Full review coming later. Post your thoughts here.