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Halftime Thoughts + Open Thread

As we gear up for round 2, a few notes I jotted down throughout the first half, with Texas leading 34-29.

  • Rick told Erin Andrews before the game that he wanted nothing to do with my suggested gamble to guard Blake Griffin 1-on-1, but Texas didn't have to do much of anything with the Sooner star, thanks to two fouls and a bloody nose that wouldn't quit bleeding. Credit to Dexter Pittman for using his feet exceptionally well, allowing his body to serve as a barrier in proper position. When Dex struggles with fouls, the feet lag behind and he leans. And when that man leans, people fall.
  • Dogus Balbay is having himself quite a game, and if you weren't aware just how athletic he is, I'm guessing you are now. With only one true shooter on the team, Dogus' burst with the ball in his hands is the key to Texas' halfcourt offense getting the right looks for this group.
  • Texas had a nice little spurt playing 4-out, 1-in when Dexter sat down, with both Gary Johnson and Clint Chapman contributing nicely. After two early lay ups missed, Texas started finishing.
  • Damion James has two buckets in the paint just based on his athleticism. That's a good sign the offensive pieces are in the right place.
  • I've counted three successful OU backdoor passes in the first half. Need to be aware of that heading forward.
  • As emphasized in the preview, Willie Warren can play a little basketball. Still, his outburst came on long jumpers, to which you just tip your cap. He's too athletic and versatile to just shut down, and the bigger danger is letting him penetrate and finish and/or get to the line.
  • The foul situation looks good for Texas right now -- important for managing Griffin's second half return.
  • TEXT UPDATE FROM WIGGO AT FEC: Blake Griffin is on the bench, not warming up, and holding his head.