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NCAA Tournament Projections as of February 23rd

Coming to you late Monday, we are within three weeks of Selection Sunday. Most leagues have two more weeks left before a week of conference tournaments. Selection Sunday is March 15th.

Following the Longhorns win over the Sooners, they inched closer to Lock Status but are not quite there. Taking care of their final two home games will more than secure a bid. I still think the Big XII lands a fifth team but who it will be remains a mystery. Kansas State has the best conference record but the weakest overall resume. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State and A&M are closing fast.

Here are my ‘educated’ guesses at the top 16 teams in the NCAA tournament.

These are if the season ended today. They are listed by strength within each seed as well.

No. 1: Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Oklahoma, North Carolina
No. 2: Memphis, Louisville, Michigan State, Clemson
No. 3: Villanova, Duke, Kansas, Wake Forest
No. 4: Marquette, Missouri, Xavier, Arizona State

Next Four: Purdue, Washington, Gonzaga, West Virginia

Big 12 Bids (5)
Lock: Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri
Likely: Texas
Bubble: Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Texas A&M