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Baseball Takes on UT-Arlington

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[UPDATE 7:54 PM by 40AS] Horns win in 10 innings 4-3 on a Cameron Rupp bases loaded double. Texas' starting pitching this year: 33 innings, 3 ER. Review to come tomorrow morning.


It's Texas-UTA at the Disch, today at 5:00 PM CST (note, changed from original 3 PM start). These midweek games are important in developing the depth that makes the difference in June (Kenn Kasparek's brilliant Omaha in 2005 was almost entirely preceded by midweek appearances). Freshmen Austin Dicharry is the projected starter but look for fellow freshman Andrew McKirahan to get some work on the mound and Tim Maitland and Jordan Etier in the field, amongst others.

UTA enters the game 3-1 after four straight days of baseball. The Mavs beat Arkansas State, fell to Texas State and swept a short two game series with Sienna.




Two final notes:

  • Many thanks to Horn Brain for the updates at Friday's game.
  • It took 4 games for Texas to hold its 4th opponent to 1 run or less. In 2008 it took 47, in 2007 it took 16, in 2006 it took 16, in 2005 it took 13 and in 2004 it took 10. In other words, so far so good for the pitching.