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Bevo's Daily Round Up 2.27.09



The UT football coaching staff goes back to school. Mack Brown has invited BCS pundits to explain the "system":

"As a staff we're planning to bring in BCS gurus and the computer guys and talking to them," Brown said. "We want to find out where we fell short in those areas. Is it margin of victory? Was it not scoring more because if it doesn't matter to the computers it does to the human vote? We're looking at all those things now."

That lingering disappointment is serving as a motivation for the Longhorns as they begin spring practice Friday, Brown said.

Barking Carnival has the offensive depth chart with some added commentary.




Oklahoma's Blake Griffin is still recovering from a concussion. Head coach Jeff Capel isn't sure when he will return to play.

OU junior forward Juan Pattillo has been suspended for Saturday's game against Texas Tech.

Oklahoma's Blake Griffin and Kansas' Sherron Collins are the two Big 12 players named to the Oscar Robertson Trophy watch list

ESPN's Tim Griffin has the players to watch during spring football practice.

Texas RB Tre' Newton -- The son of former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Nate Newton didn't fall too far from the tree as far as his blocking skills, even if he is more than 100 pounds lighter than his father was during his playing career. Texas coaches visualize him as the ideal replacement for Chris Ogbonnaya as a third-down specialist because of his receiving and pass-blocking skills.




And finally...

This was just too good not to pass along. The Corps at A&M have picked their candidates for Yell leader. From Casey Schaefer, 2008-2009 Yell Leader:

Schaefer said one of the coolest things he experienced as a Yell Leader was getting carried off the football field by the freshmen after winning a football game.

"I also remember one time we did a Girl Scout event and we were at Sully hanging out with around 100 girls, anywhere from 7 to 15 years old," Schaefer said.

He said the girls would come up and want a hug or want them to sign their hand or name-tag or take a picture.

"Not that its anything that we do, but just the fact that a Yell Leader at A&M would come up to them, because it's not us,"
he said. "It's either the overalls or the white suit, but just making their day in so small of a way and getting the girls excited about A&M… Just being there and taking the awkward hugs, it was great. Those are rewarding because there are smaller events like that that the people are so appreciative about you just being there."

Wilcox agreed with Schaefer, saying moments like the ones shared with the Girl Scouts make all of the other events worth it.