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Bevo's Daily Round Up 2.03.09



Horns_bullet_mediumThe Women's basketball team upset Baylor 58-55.

"I'm just so happy," said Longhorns guard Carla Cortijo. "I feel like we stayed together. Everybody stayed positive.

"We were tired of losing. We were so frustrated."

The Bears seem to be the salve for what ails the Longhorns. With Sunday's victory, Texas extended its winning streak over Baylor to three games. The previous two victories over the Bears were keys to the Longhorns gaining an NCAA tournament bid a year ago.



Texas plays Missouri on Wednesday night. The Kansas City Star has notes on Missouri.

The Horns' defense has carried the team as the scorers have struggled.

The biggest problem is offense, or at least getting several key players going at once.

In Big 12 play, sharpshooter A.J. Abrams is making one of out every three shots. Connor Atchley, one of the conference's most improved players last season, has made five of 25 shots _ 20 percent.



The Horns have a lot to prove this season.

After three straight years of being knocked out of the NCAA regionals, the Longhorns no longer can assume they belong at the College World Series.

Instead of telling them they're talented enough to get back to college baseball's promised land, Garrido wants his team to prove it every day, something it has failed to do the past few years.

The team leaders, such as catcher Preston Clark, second baseman Travis Tucker and pitchers Austin Wood and Keith Shinaberry, have to prove they can take charge and keep the team together.


Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News takes a look back at the Big 12 South 2004 recruiting classes.


* Ranking: 10th

* Class victories: 56

* Best season: 13-0, 2005

* Recruits: 19

Standouts: 6 (DT Derek Lokey, DT Frank Okam, DE Brian Orakpo, WR Jordan Shipley, WR Adam Ulatoski, DB Ryan Palmer)

Starters: 6 (LB Rashad Bobino, OL Cedric Dockery, WR Nate Jones, DB Drew Kelson, RB Chris Ogbonnaya)

Contributors: 1 (TE Peter Ullman).

Busts: 7 (LB Jeremy Campbell, OL Greg Dolan, WR Myron Hardy, LB Nic Redwine, DB Bobby Tatum, RB Ramonce Taylor, WR George Walker)

* Overview: Missing out on both Adrian Peterson and Rhett Bomar seemed like a disaster at the time. In hindsight, avoiding the Bomar fiasco just about cancels out Peterson's defection to OU. A quality class typically has an even distribution between standouts, starters/contributors and busts, and that's the symmetry UT hits on here. As such, misses like Taylor and Walker were balanced by hits like Okam and Orakpo. All in all, about what was expected: Not great, but very, very good.

Texas is still in the running for the No. 1 recruiting class for 2009.





OU gets closer and closer to that No. 1 ranking.

ESPN's Dick Vitale believes former Texas Tech coach Bob Knight is the man for the Georgia job.

Dick Vitale said Georgia should pounce if it gets the opportunity to hire his fellow ESPN college basketball analyst.

"I don't even know if he would take a job but I know Georgia has a lot of positives going for it in the scenario there and I think he'd be interested, I really do, but I can't speak for Bob Knight," Vitale said in a telephone interview.

"To me it's no contest. If Bobby Knight is interested in Georgia basketball, it's no contest. He's so good I'd come with him as an assistant. I'd be his chauffeur."

The Big 12 Conference has reprimanded Tech coach Pat Knight.

Rush The Court checks in on the Big 12.



San Antonio Alamo Heights quarterback Drew Allen is already at the University of Oklahoma, ready to learn from Sam Bradford and quarterback coach Josh Heupel.

Someone in Oklahoma likes the bowl system just as it is.




Ever wonder why some recruits pan out and others are a bust?

Dr. Saturday has an update on all those anti-BCS bills in Congress.

Summer camps are critical for recruiting for some coaches.

At a school's own camp, coaches can see how adept prospects are at receiving instruction and if their coaching style meshes with a player's approach. Prospects, meanwhile, can get an advanced look at what playing for a particular school would be like.

"You get to know kids. You get to know their work ethic, you get to know their personality, you get to know who they are," TCU coach Gary Patterson said. "Obviously with anybody's job, the more information you can gather about the situation you have the better you get at making a decision."