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Open Game Thread: Big 12 Round 1 vs Colorado

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#12 Colorado Buffaloes @ #5 Texas Longhorns

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2009, 2:00 PM CDT
Big 12 Tournament - First Round - Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

TELEVISION: Big 12 Regional (Details)
RADIO: 98.1 FM / 1300 AM (Austin)


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1. Make 'em earn it. Texas sent the Buffs to the line a pitiful 29 times in Boulder earlier this season, as 6-5 Cory Higgins had his way working Texas defenders on dribble drives to the paint. Truthfully, Higgins is all CU has at this point, so Barnes needs to set up his defense to deny Higgins the ball or make him catch it 30 feet from the basket. Like Willie Warren, he's tough to totally shut down because he can pop from outside, but if he beats you, you want it to be from downtown. Cut out the penetration.

2. Don't settle for jumpers. On the flipside, Colorado does not have the personnel to deal with our halfcourt offense from 15 feet in. I'd love to see a healthy dose of Pittman early, and of Damion James being aggressive in his takes to the rim. If the Longhorns shoot more than 8 three pointers, it's a sign of trouble.