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Texas Loses To Baylor: Everyone Lose Their Minds NOW

Swear to God, some of y'all need to watch college basketball closely for another 3-5 years and then come back here to join the discussion.

In the meantime, let's tip our caps to Baylor, hope Rick Barnes learns something from some of his second half mistakes, enjoy the rest of the weekend of college basketball, and start talking about the Big Dance tomorrow.  I'm off to a family function so I'll save my thoughts on this game for later, but the long and the short of it is that Texas at its best is a team that can beat most any team in the field, and Texas at its worst can lose to most any team in the field.  If you think the latter is a matter of "heart" or "effort" or some unacceptable (non-)manifestation of "We're Texas," I encourage you to register for an account at TexAgs and chat amongst your peers.

We'll be here talking college hoops, otherwise.