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Bevo's Daily Round Up 3.02.09


Horns_bullet_mediumKevin Durant is beloved by both Longhorns and Sooners.

Durant is a rare individual.

Played at Texas. Beloved in Oklahoma.

Flash a Hook ’em Horns sign north of the Red River and it’s blasphemy.

Durant proudly flashes the Hook ’em sign every chance he gets, and the locales turn it upside down with a smile.

Funny how folks around here hate everything Texas, unless somebody from down there plays for the home team, be it Billy Sims, Jack Mildren, Adrian Peterson, Thurman Thomas, Hart Lee Dykes, Dez Bryant ... or Kevin Durant.

The people of Oklahoma immediately have taken to Durant.


It is always the referee's fault. Rick Barnes did not like the officiating at the Oklahoma State game.

"I do not want to take anything away from Oklahoma State," Barnes said. "But one call here or there can change the outcome of the basketball game."

Mack Brown wants a running game.

The Longhorns want a downhill running game, as opposed to a running game headed downhill.

"What really hurt us were fourth-quarter yards when we wanted to kill the clock, didn't need to punt and needed to take the game over," Brown said Thursday. "That was something we didn't do very well."

Brown saw too many no gains and second-and-9s.


The Austin American-Statesman's Cedric Golden has some thoughts on the first day of spring practice. Barking Carnival has a wrap-up, too.

Colt McCoy talks to the media about last season and what's ahead.

Colt McCoy made the rounds of a couple of ESPN shows Friday as the Longhorns began spring practice. He refused to be drawn too much into rehashing last year's disappointment with the Big 12 South tiebreaker. "I know If we would have won our games, we wouldn't have had to be arguing about anything," McCoy said.

Tickets to the Wyoming-Texas game are already up to $349.

"Texas might be, today, the marquee name in college football besides USC, and so I think they have cachet we can't really recognize in Wyoming," Cowboy athletic director Tom Burman said.

We could all be dead by then, but here they are... Orangebloods has the 2011 top 100 football prospects.

Congratulations are in order. Both the men and women swim teams won the Big 12 swimming and diving championships.




Aggies may have a different opinion. Some people believe Dennis Franchione deserves a second chance.

A little like musical chairs. Several OU players will be wearing different numbers this season.

Bob Stoops loves spring practice.

Stoops loves spring practice because it's all about teaching basics, and that's what the Sooners won with nine years ago a high-tech offense and a dominating defense, to be sure, but both built on basics like ball security, efficient blocking and sure tackling.

Kansas comes up with one more way to relieve its donors of their hard-earned cash: A Gridiron Club.

Baylor's Robert Griffin sees no limit for the Bear's future.

"We won't put a limit on ourselves, but we are going to a bowl game."

Griffin's confidence was forged in a breakout season where he emerged as one of the nation's top freshman performers.




Here's an update on the BCS Goes to Washington from Dennis Dodd.