I'm piss drunk, swaring a blue streak, and my wife is presently clutching the family pet because she's affraid I'm going to go for a record hang time in cat-punting.

I hate blaming the refs for a loss, but I can't help it, the zebras gave Duke the benefit normally reserved for Notre Dame.

I do applaud the effort from the boys in Burnt Orange, but I can't help but feel like Clark Griswold after he opened his Jelly of the Month Christmas Bonus.

If any of you are looking for any last minute gifts for me, I want Coach K brought from his Tobacco Road grato with a Burnt Orange Bow wrapped around his rat face so I can tell him what a low down, scum sucking, ass licking, four flushing, brainless, hopeless, dickless sack of monkey shit he is.

Holy shit, pass the Tylenol.

If you need to bitch, go ahead and get it out here. We'll let the rational people have the main page. And we can delete this thread later (when we're sober.)

F me in the goat's ass.


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