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Bevo's Daily Round Up 3.04.09



Perfect timing for the Baylor game.

"It was big for us seeing what we’ve got ahead," said A.J. Abrams, who received a standing ovation late in the game after playing his last game in the Erwin Center.

Offensively challenged Texas ripped through a Baylor team that never has gotten down the concept of defense and never met a shot — good or bad — it didn’t like.

Hopefully spring workouts will answer some important questions for the Horns.

The Longhorns started the spring with some big questions, and last weekend’s open practices didn’t really yield any answers. The players and coaches, however, provided some insight into the three biggest issues at play right now: receiver, defensive line and leadership.

From ESPN's Tim Giriffin's chat:

Mack Brown (Austin Texas): hey Tim, Love your work and knowledge on the Big XII. I was wondering what your thoughts were on my team this season and what squad I need to watch out for as a sleeper team. Thank you again for all your hard work reporting on Big XII football.

Tim Griffin: Thanks, Mack.

You should know as well as anybody that your team should challenge for the national championship this season with a little luck. Your team overachieved last year and probably was one of the most fun seasons in your career.

This season it will be different. People are going to be expecting you to win every game - me included.

And for a sleeper team, how about Colorado? The Buffaloes struggled with injuries last season. They still don't have a quarterback to match the top teams in the conference. But I think the Buffaloes can match most teams in the trenches if they can stay healthy.

Barking Carnival talks recruiting. And so does Dr. Saturday.

In case you need a fix. Longhorns Gameday has lots of football videos.

Dare to dream. The last time the Texas baseball team started the season this well, they won it all in Omaha.




Music to our defense's ears. Bob Stoops calls the offensive line the weak link of the team.

"Whether it's their work ethic, their attitude, those kinds of things need to improve," Stoops said. "They haven't had the winter everybody else has had. They right now are the weak link of the team and we'll see if they can respond and have any kind of a spring and summer to help us be a team that can contend for a Big 12 championship.

"They'll be a big part of whether we will or will not depending on their attitude, workout habits, those kinds of things if we'll be able to do it. They've been very inconsistent that way in how they work and their toughness and discipline."

News OK has a Corey Wilson update.

According to a short statement released by Wilson’s family, Wilson is awake and alert, and his condition is now serious, an OU Medical Center spokesman said.

"Everyone associated with our program is deeply concerned for Corey and his family," Sooners coach Bob Stoops said in a statement. "Our prayers and thoughts are focused on them."





Maybe they are tired of business with the crummy economy and all... For those of you that subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, they have unveiled their sports page.

We don't talk politics here, but this is worthy of note. J.C. Watts may run for governor of Oklahoma. In case you are too young to remember...