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Some Texas Baseball National Rankings

Some interesting national statistical rankings from the official NCAA website (you have to play with it to get to Texas' stats) for you to enjoy -- through 3/29/09. The analysis is pretty 'no duh': Texas can't hit or score, but the pitching and defense is damn good. If the former improves to just mediocre and the latter two stay the same, this team will be near impossible to beat. 



Walks and sacrifices...not bad to great (Brandon Loy #1 nationally in sac bunts)Picture_5_medium

Pitching and defense...unbelievable


This isn't telling you anything you didn't already know, but nice to see it represented statistically. So far this team has one by scoring a few runs and getting great pitching and defense. It's close to being elite, hopefully the growth continues this weekend. Finally, Tulane beat LSU in baseball tonight 8-7...Roll Wave!