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Horns Sweep DH, Look for Series Sweep

Well that was a thrilling double header. In game two Texas went ahead 10-0 before giving up 7 unanswered runs over two innings. Some crazy things happened in Lincoln on Friday:

  • Neither Texas starter made it to the 5th inning
  • Ruffin and Workman combined to give up three earned runs
  • Freshmen pitchers Taylor Jungmann and Austin Dicharry were heroic, pitching a combined 6 critical innings giving up just one earned run.
  • Texas pitchers gave up five ER, a pretty normal total for two games, but twelve overall (the most Texas has given up over a two game stretch this seas). 
  • On the hitting front, Texas scored 18 runs over two games, including 11 in game two. 
  • Texas hit three homers today. Since last Friday against Okie State the Horns have hit seven homers in five games. Texas hit seven homers the previous 25 games. 
It'll be Cole Green on the mound today at 1 PM looking for the first solid start by a Texas starter this weekend and a sweep.