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Talk To Me

Howdy friends. Wish I were around more, but gotta get through finals and the football annual done in time for press. Speaking of which...

A question for the gallery. I'm writing the roster preview for the annual right now, working on the running backs today. There's plenty to say about this group -- maybe too much, even, as it occurred to me that there's no clear-cut tailback around whom everyone's rallying.

I've got my own thoughts, but I'd like to know more about yours. Who do you like this year? Would you rumble with Cody Johnson? Are you an insta-fan of Whaley? Hopeful that McGee will thrive in the I-form? Do you believe in the Fozzy Monster? Mix Hills into the rotation a bit more? Can Mack Brown release a depth chart with seven <or>s?

Talk to me.