Texas players don't pan out in the NFL?

I would not normally take the time to write a Fan Post, but something caught my attention today I thought I needed to share with the Burnt Orange Nation.

Another blog I follow about the Kansas City Chiefs systematically concluded that the Chiefs should not "mess with Texas" during this years draft. Apparently tempered by disappointments surrounding recent Texas acquisitions Derrick Johnson and Jamaal Charles, the article went on to say that Texas players drafted in the first round during the last 10 years do not live up to their first round billing. To quote directly from the article:

"For some reason, a good chunk of Texas players don't pan out in the NFL.  Take a look at the players drafted in the first round since 1998 to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

  • DB Michael Griffin (19)
  • DB Aaron Ross (20)
  • QB Vince Young (3)
  • DB Michael Huff (7)
  • RB Cedric Benson (4)
  • LB Derrick Johnson (15)
  • WR Roy Williams (7)
  • DT Marcus Tubbs (23)
  • Mike Williams (4)
  • DB Quentin Jammer (5)
  • Leonard Davis (2)
  • NT Casey Hampton (19)
  • RB Ricky Williams (5)

From my perspective, there's one player (Casey Hampton) whose justified his draft position.  There are a few players, like the DBs selected in the last few years and Vince Young, who could still blossom into 1st round-type talent but have yet to demonstrate that. "

This is all supposed to be evidence that Brian Orakpo will not be good in the NFL, and consequently the Chiefs should not consider drafting him. So, all this brings me to my question: Is this true, are their really no good Texas players in the NFL, or am I taking crazy pills? Maybe I'm just wearing rose colored glasses but I think some (even most) of these players did alright at the next level. This of course begs the question: Why single out Texas?... as if all draft busts come out of Austin. Anyways, What do ya'll think?

Link to the original article in context:




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