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#9 Texas vs. #19 TCU -- 6 PM Tonight

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[Update 8:40 PM]: Horns hit, pitch and defend, beating TCU 6-0

Normally Texas plays two types of midweek games: a) relatively tune-ups against in-state teams with varying degrees of difficulty and b) meaningful games against Rice. Tonight's game at the Disch at 6 PM fits more into the latter than the former category for a number of reasons.

  • TCU is ranked and Texas hasn't beaten many ranked teams.
  • The offense has been much improved over the last seven games. Starting with game two against Stanford, Texas failed to score more than five runs in ten straight games (4-6). Since then, Texas has gone 5-2, scoring more than five runs four times, including twice against Okie State.
  • Is Cole Green in danger of losing his job? Well, he's pitching tonight. There are a few ways to look at that. One way to think of it is that he only pitched 2.1 innings on Sunday and needs to get some work in. TCU is a solid opponent and could be a great opportunity to get out of his slump. Another way to think of it is that Jungmann has showed he deserves a chance to be the Sunday starter and Green is being given the chance to earn his starter spot back with a solid outing tonight, since he'll have enough rest to pitch Tuesday and Sunday. Finally, this could represent a change in starting pitching...Jungmann to start, Green to long reliever. It's risky since Jungmann has been amazing as a long reliever so far, but it could also shore up the starting pitching which has ebbed ever so slightly of late. Or it could be a typo on the part of, who knows?

April 7, 2009 - 6:00 p.m.

Texas: RHP Cole Green (2-0, 2.89 ERA)
TCU: RHP Greg Holle (3-0, 1.64 ERA)