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ATTENTION: Last Big College Sports Event Until Football!

[Update:] Horns are indeed the overall #1 seed. They get #4 Army, #3 Boston College and #2 Texas State (a team we've already beaten twice).

One of our very favorite times of year has arrived again. It is "Selection Monday," so to speak, and the question for Texas is no longer whether or not the Longhorns will be a top eight national seed; the question is whether they will be the Number One national seed. It's an exciting position to be in and either way, there is comfort in knowing that Augie's bunch has earned the right to play in a maximum of two stadiums for the entirety of the tournament: Disch-Falk Field and the holy ground of Rosenblatt Stadium.

Texas was announced as a sub-regional host yesterday, as were Rice and TCU. That there are three regionals in the state of Texas speaks to the enormous quality of college baseball being played in the Lone Star State these days and, perhaps just as important, to the tremendous fan support that those three squads enjoy. By comparison, California will be hosting only two regionals--in Fullerton and Irvine. Has Texas surpassed California as the nation's leading exporter of college baseball? The argument can be made.

Oklahoma is the only other Big XII regional host aside from the Longhorns. 

Southest Baseball has its final projections up, and they have the top eight looking like this:


  1. Texas (Big XII Automatic)
  2. LSU (SEC Automatic)
  3. Arizona State (Pac-10 Automatic)
  4. UC Irvine (Big West Automatic)
  5. Cal State Fullerton (Big West At-Large)
  6. North Carolina (ACC At-Large)
  7. Florida State (ACC Automatic)
  8. Rice (C-USA Automatic)
If things do indeed shake out this way, it will be a very interesting group. Traditional power conferences the Pac-10 and SEC would have one team each in the top eight, while the Big West--which has been CSU-Fullerton and everybody else for so long--would have two. Some readers may recall that UC-Irvine came agonizingly close to ousting LSU in the Baton Rouge Super Regional last year before the Tigers pulled out a very close three-game series to go to Omaha. Irvine has continued to rise and their likely appearance in the top eight this season is well-deserved and no surprise.

The selection show is on ESPN at 11:30 CDT. We'll return after it's over to update the actual field on the front page, but during the show you can use this as your open thread.

Get excited!