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NCAA Baseball Day One Open Thread

Texas vs. Army is at 6 PM. Ironically for us the first weekend of the college baseball tourney takes place during one of our busiest weeks of the year. We're both working at Camp Dream Street (sorry for the shameless plug) and will hopefully checking in periodically during the day. Until then, enjoy the full day's schedule here. Some of the day's more interesting matchups:

Kansas vs. Coastal Carolina -- 1 PM

Texas A&M vs. Oregon State -- 2 PM

Missouri vs. Western Kentucky -- 3 PM

San Diego State vs. Virginia (will Strasburg pitch?) -- 6 PM

Oklahoma vs Witchita State -- 7 PM

UC Irvine vs. Fresno State (defending champs snuck in) -- 10 PM


Weather's going to be hot and sunny for the entire regional.