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Curtain Call for Austin "Morning" Wood

If ever there was a baseball player deserving of a curtain call, it would be Longhorns' reliever Austin Wood for his "Herculean" pitching performance in UT's 3-2 epic victory over Boston College in 25 innings - the longest game in NCAA baseball history.

So just in case he didn't get a curtain call last night (or in the wee hours this morning), BON will certainly give him one now.

Check out this line:

13 innings pitched
41 batters faced (minimum was 39)
2 hits, 4 walks, and 12.1 innings of no-hit ball (yeah, read that again)
14 Strike-Outs (hat tip Caradoc)
169 pitches
And most importantly, NO RUNS

It's also impressive to note that even though the game was played in Austin, UT was not the home team...from the 9th inning on, every time Wood (and Dicharry too) went to the mound, he did so knowing that if he gave up of a run, it was game over.

Hats off to Austin Wood as well as Austin Dicharry - 5 innings of scoreless ball in relief as well to get the win - and the rest of the Longhorns.

You made Burnt Orange Nation very proud. 

For fun, help me put this performance into context by likening it to past Longhorn efforts...the only thing I could think of so far was VY's effort in the Rose Bowl against Michigan...just an all-out gutty, refuse-to-lose performance in a non-championship game.

Thoughts? Let's hear'em.


[UPDATE]: According to "loganck," Austin Wood did get his much deserved curtain call from the very loyal UT crowd...several times from the sound of it.