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More Baseball To Be Played Open Thread

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That was insane. There are too many insane things to even mention and they've all been mentioned in the 4 previous posts and 2,000 comments. Hopefully Texas will just play 9 innings today. As mentioned earlier, the most important part of last night's this morning's victory was that the Horns used only three pitchers for 25 innings. Something tells us Austin Wood is done for the weekend. Wood joined the pantheon of Texas athletes last night with an incomprehensible postseason performance and now Texas stands somewhere it hasn't been the last three years: in control of a regional and fresh starters on the mound. 

The Horns have Taylor Jungmann and Brandon Workman ready to go against either BC or Army. We'll be moderately surprised if BC has anything left in the tank (they threw 7 pitchers), facing Army less than 12 hours after the end of the Texas game. No word on who the Horns will throw but our guess is it'll be Jungmann, with an array of relievers ready (possibly including Workman, if the Horns are ahead and need to close out the regional).

Today's schedule:

Army vs. BC -- 12:00 PM

Texas vs. Army/BC -- 6:00 PM

Finally, do yourself a favor and read the quotes from last night. Particularly Travis Tucker's quote about Austin Wood. Awesome.

Also: Take note of BC closer Mike Belfiore's quote about the Austin crowd. We would be remiss in not noting that for nine innings Belfiore matched Wood pitch-for-pitch, all the while hitting in the DH slot as well. Belfiore's performance was just about as gutty and courageous as Wood's and the Eagles' pitcher handled what must have been extremely bitter disappointment with total class after the ballgame. A BON hat tip to Belfiore and the entire Boston College roster.