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Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 7, 2009




The UT athletic department will make about 1.2 million on the Fiesta Bowl.




The Raiders and Aggies just love each other.

What should the Aggies do about Mike Leach? Win.

A&M, which beat Tech from 1990-94, has allowed the Red Raiders to pass them, and the Aggies have to live with it until they can do something about it. That means listening to Leach.

"How can anyone not be shocked that they're offended by this?" Leach told the Avalanche-Journal. "How is that possible? I mean, they're the ones that keep issuing these official statements. I haven't issued any official statement. I just answer questions when somebody asks me one."

And until someone asks him how A&M was able to finally beat the Red Raiders in Lubbock, you can bet a few more barbs will be headed the Aggies' way.

Is there an option for none of the above? I Am The 12th Man is making predictions about the 2009 Aggie offensive production.




If that's true, then why does OU keep recruiting in Texas? NewsOK talks to the Director of Scouting for the Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma native Tom Ciskowski.

I still stay in contact with him. Oklahoma plays just as good high school football as Texas. There’s just not as many (Division I players) because of numbers. But just look at who the state of Oklahoma has produced over the years, including Jason White and Sam Bradford recently.




The Big 12 coaches do not want to change the tiebreaker rule.

Meeting at a resort on Wednesday, they voted to keep the Bowl Championship Series standings as the method to break ties between more than two teams. Under that rule, the Sooners edged the Longhorns by 13 thousandths of a point in December.

Nebraska AD Tom Osbourne is cracking down down on those big donors. He wants a ban on alcohol in the skybox suites during games.

Nebraska lacks company among its conference siblings when it comes to its stance on banning alcohol in skybox suites during football games.

But this is one issue where being in the minority is of no worry to Husker athletic director Tom Osborne, who wants stricter enforcement of the alcohol ban after an alarming skybox incident last fall.

“I don’t try to make a decision based on what everyone else is doing,” Osborne said on Tuesday.




The Daily Show has a little fun with Rep. Barton and the BCS hearings.

Just what you have been waiting for. The NCAA has announced the 2009-2010 bowl schedule. (The January 7 date might be of interest to people on this site.)