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Horns Take Game One, Magic Number 2*

Keith Moreland said the runner missed the plate. Aggy fans said the ump blew the call. In the end the only opinion that mattered called the runner out. It was the bottom of the 8th, Texas was in the process of blowing an 8-3 lead by giving up an inside the park homer that would've given Aggy the lead. But the runner was called out, the play made the third out, the Horns scored 3 in the 10th, and Austin Dicharry saved the day with two critical strikeouts in the bottom for an 11-9 victory.

It was probably the strangest game the Horns have played all season. Chance Ruffin was very solid in 6.1 innings, striking out nine and giving up only three hits. Of course two of those three hits were HRs and he gave up 5 ER. The Horns rocked Aggy ace Brooks Raley for 8 runs in 6.1, but then Austin Wood had his worst outting of the year, 4 ER in 2.2 IP.

Assuming Texas takes one of the next two games against Texas A&M, the Horns' magic number is now 2 thanks to a Kansas State loss to Texas Tech. Here's how the top of the conference stands at present:


Texas 16-8-1 .660

Missouri 15-10 .600

Kansas State 12-8-1 .595

Oklahoma 13-9 .591

Texas A&M 13-9 .591


Another win over Texas A&M eliminates both A&M and Mizzou, who is playing its final series against KU this weekend, from winning the conference. With Texas at 17-9-1, KSU and OU would need to win out to win the conference (if both win out, KSU would be 17-8-1 and OU would be 18-9, not sure who wins the conference in that case).

Anyhow, Texas needs a big start from Cole Green today at 12 in Austin. If you aren't heading to the Disch then join us here for one of the biggest games of the season.