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Texas - Southern Miss Open Thread

[Update:] We feel dirty. The Horns win 7-6 in one of the strangest games we have ever seen (but 3rd strangest this postseason). USM deserved to win karmically but the Horns won by...not swinging. Brandon Loy had the game winning RBI on a bases loaded walk. It'll be Chance Ruffin versus ASU ace Mike Leake on Tuesday at 7 PM in the biggest game of the year for the Horns. There can be no doubt that this team expects to win every game, and it may just be their destiny to do so.

Not much else to say. Southern Miss is likely to throw Todd McInnis versus either Cole Green or Chance Ruffin. Our guess is it'll be Ruffin because the extra rest between games in the CWS would enable him to get more starts (if Texas goes that far).

Game starts at 6 PM.