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Horns Take On Arizona State -- CWS Open Thread

Texas has now won six postseason games in six different ways. To get their seventh win the Horns will have to do something they haven't all postseason: beat a real ace. Mike Leake (16-1, 1.36 ERA) was the #8 pick in the MLB draft. If that doesn't scare you enough, here are some more Mike Leake numbers:

150 Ks in 132.2 innings

2 complete game shutouts

21 walks in 132.2 innings

2 HRs given up

.175 opponent batting average

His only loss of the year was in a duel with KSU ace AJ Morris. Fortunately the Horns have their own ace going in Chance Ruffin and probably have a full bullpen ready to go (Wood only threw 32 pitches and is operating on a day of rest). The Sun Devils may not have their most experienced reliever in Mitchell Lambson (42 pitches on Sunday) available, but they haven't needed much relief this season during Leake starts.

Game starts at 6 PM on ESPN.