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Horns Look To Advance To Championship Series -- Open Thread

(Friday Evening Update): LSU beats Arkansas 14-5, Texas-ASU scheduled to begin roughly at 8:40 PM EST (7:40 PM CST)

A win tonight and Texas will advance to its fourth championship match/series this decade. Standing in their way is a really, really good Arizona State team that you may remember can pitch, hit and play defense. ASU could throw Mike Leake (remember him?) on 3 days rest, but we doubt it considering there was already talk that his arm was overworked. Josh Spence is almost certainly done unless ASU wins the next two. ASU Sunday starter Seth Blair (7-2, 3.39 ERA) will probably go but he was hit hard by the Horns on Tuesday. That leaves Jason Franzblau as the next most experienced ASU starter available (6 starts on the year, 3-2, 2.32 ERA), but he hasn't pitched since May 29th.

To counter, Texas has a string of talented pitchers who are about as rested as can be expected at this point. The offseason is littered with stories of teams who had "no doubt they would win it all" but failed. Still, this team's greatest strength at this point may be the simple fact that there are no situations they have faced and failed to emerge victorious.

Game starts at 6 PM on ESPN2.

(Friday Afternoon Update): It'll be Cole Green for the Horns -- as the home team -- going against Blair for ASU, as Leake might be done for the year. Finally, LSU-Arkansas was delayed, expect a first pitch of the Texas game around 8:30 - 9:00 PM, or 50 minutes after LSU wraps this up. Hope you don't have plans for your Friday night.