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Some Thoughts for Your Pre-Texas Game Enjoyment

This will serve as your LSU-Arkansas open thread. Here are some other thoughts/musings to talk about while we wait for the ballgames to start today:

  • Is it better to be a fan of a team like Carolina, with yearly Omaha futility, or a team like Texas Tech which never even sniffs getting to Rosenblatt? Is it more frustrating to be near the mountain-top year after year only to consistently fall short, or to just never be in the mix?
  • The two teams with a major advantage today are Texas and LSU, and both could be said to have displayed the elusive trait of "it." We have never before been able to pinpoint what exactly "it" is--that's why it's just called "it." But seeing two very different teams display something that can be called "it" has gotten us thinking more clearly about this idea: it seems that "it" comes in (at least) two forms: magic and swagger. Magic "it" obviously follows this Texas team wherever it goes, as the Longhorns have found remarkable, astonishing ways to win throughout the NCAA Tournament. Swagger "it" seems to have found a comfortable spot in the LSU dugout, as the Tigers always expect to win and have simply overpowered opponents in winning 12 straight games since losing the opener of the SEC Tournament. A lot of teams claim to have swagger (see Ohio State football every year), but the ones who really have it don't have to talk about it. In any case, if the Texas-LSU matchup were indeed to happen on Monday, which kind of "it" will prevail?
  • A Texas win today or tomorrow will extend baseball season at least to Tuesday. Hopefully Texas fans will have a national championship to celebrate for a little while after the CWS ends. But once that euphoria subsides, the long summer days start counting down to opening kickoff. There are two points to be made here:
    • The baseball Longhorns deserve our gratitude, because unlike the previous two years they have reduces our in-between-sports season to essentially last only 2 months--the end of June to the end of August.
    • What will you do with your July and part of August? Make up new Aggie jokes? Memorize the entire football roster? Purchase and watch a 2009 College World Series DVD (if we get the outcome we want)? Consider BON your support group.