Baseball game may be pushed back tonight...Rain Delay in Omaha...

LSU and Arky just got started around 3:40PM...they were scheduled to start around 1PM. So if the HORNS were supposed to start around 6PM, their tentative time should be around 8:30ish. Nevermind, just posted some stuff on:

<!-- <h2 id="road-omaha-news-head" title="Road to Omaha® Series Update"><span></span>Road to Omaha® Series Update</h2> -->

Friday Schedule

Game 11 1:00pm on ESPN2 (Central time zone)
Delay update: First pitch scheduled for 3:38 -- the tarp is off the field and the sky is clearing.
LSU vs Arkansas
Live Stream ESPN 360 | NCAA Interactive Bracket/GameTracker | Audio

Game 12 6:00pm on ESPN2 (Central time zone)
Game 12 is scheduled to begin 50 minutes following the conclusion of Game 11.
Texas vs Arizona State

So 50 minutes after the "Gorilla Ball" game b/w LSU and Arky... Freaking rain messes up the US this...


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