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You can just hear the wheels turning at ESPN...

Overheard at the ESPN College World Series pre-production meeting this morning...

Neil (ESPN Producer #1): "Hey Bob, any ideas for a storyline for the CWS Championship series?"

Bob (ESPN Producer #2): "Sure Neil, how about we just go with two really talented, well-coached, storied programs go at it for all the marbles? You know, simple, honest, straight-forward."

Neil: "Bob, you’re so basic cable it hurts me to be on the same bandwidth with you...keep this up you’ll be shaving dog butts on Bravo."

Bob: "No, don’t say that Neil, I want to win a CableACE Award so bad it burns when I pee. Tell me what to do. Mold me."

Neil: "Okay, Bob, stay with me here, LSU has barely broken a sweat, right? And they are winning every game by huge margins. Plus, they wear purple, the color of Kings. I'm pretty sure that means they’re the greatest team since the '27 Yankees, probably the BEST COLLEGE BASEBALL TEAM EVER."

Bob: ".I’m with ya, liking it, believing it, feelin’ it, you’re knockin’ I’m openin’. Yeah, baby, let’s do this (awkward chest bump followed by fist bump followed by uncomfortable man hug followed by awkward silence and staring down at the floor)...but what about Texas?"

Neil: "Who? The Longhorns? Whatever, pay them no never mind. They're a bunch of never-will-be's coached by a two-bit drunk. Seriously, it took them 25 innings to beat Boston College. My mom could beat Boston College. Mark my words, Texas is not the story, they're just lucky to be here."

Bob: "We can say that?"

Neil: "Duh, we’re the World Wide Leader. We can say anything we want."

Bob: "I'm so not worthy. Now I know why corporate calls you the Stone Fox. Oh Neil, when you’re right, you’re so right."

Neil: "Of course I’m right, let’s go find Erin Andrews and convince her she looks fat in those pants."

Regardless of whatever story ESPN cooks up tonight or even the outcome of this series, there's no doubt this Longhorns team will always have a reservation in our hearts for the ride they've taken on this year.

Best of luck to Augie and the "never-say-die" Texas Longhorns.

Beat LSU,
Burnt Orange Nation