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Horns v. Cajuns Game Three Open Thread

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One way or another college baseball is going to end tonight. Hopefully it's with a victory and national title, but a loss sould do little to dampen the memory of this incredible run. For Texas fans it should be a familiar story. The opponent has its best on the mound versus a very good Longhorns pitcher.

Ranaudo's numbers the last 6 starts:

MSU 7.1 6 H 4 ER
Bama 7.1 4 H 4 ER
Baylor 9 3 H 2 ER
Rice 7.2 5 H 5 ER
UVA 3.1 5  H 2 ER (left with bases loaded, 1 out)
Ark 6 IP 4 H 0 ER

What should this tell us? He's a guy that's going to eat up innings, he's not going to give up a ton of hits, he may give up some runs but he's probably not going to get shelled. At 6'7" Ranaudo is probably the most physically imposing pitcher the Horns have seen this postseason. His numbers on the year (2.87 ERA, 14 homers given up, opponents hitting .202, 155 Ks in 119 innings, 45 BBs) tell us he strikes out a lot and can give up the walk and homer.

The first two or three innings are going to tell us a lot. Can Texas grab an early lead and put the full pressure on LSU's hitters? Cole Green running into early trouble has been usually indicative of a rough start, but he has been a different pitcher the last month of the season.

You know the storylines, you know the announcers will be wearing their purple and gold. Hopefully tonight ends with a burnt orange dogpile.