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Horns-Frogs Open Thread

Texas can't score without getting the leadoff man on base, TCU can't score via anything but the home run. That about sum up the first two games of this series? The bad news for Texas is that TCU comes in with momentum and likely facing a freshman pitcher making the biggest start of his young career.

The good news for Texas is if there is one thing Taylor Jungmann (7-3, 2.45 ERA) has excelled at all season, it's not giving up the long ball. Taylor this season has given up 55 hits in 73 innings: 49 singles, 3 doubles, 1 triple and 1 HR. As PB mentioned, Texas comes in with just about as fresh a bullpen as can be imagined. One final Texas point -- the Horns have had four series rubber games this season and won all four (Stanford, OSU, Tech and Missou).

But those are by no means guarantors of success tonight. TCU is certainly much better than those four teams. TCU has a pretty fresh bullpen as well and junior Tyler Lockwood (4-1, 4.41 ERA) to go against Jungmann.

Game starts at 6 PM on ESPN2.