Malcolm Brown or Aaron Green?

Who do you think is better? Who do you think we have a better shot at?

I bring this up as we all wait for Seastrunk to make his decision. Yes, his decision won't be made until the very late in the process but a lot of us are desperate for a 5-star STUD RB like Cedric Benson was coming out of school. Some of us have given up on Seastrunk which is fine, but I personally still have hope (though it gets less and less each day). Whaley could be THAT guy, but we all know that he's more of a big bruiser type of back with impressive speed.

Anyways, it's never too late to look to 2011 as most of our 2010 class is locked in (hopefully no more de-commits!). These two RBs are studs (ranked #1 and #3 in the state of Texas on the lists right now) and after watching their Youtube clips, they both look quite impressive.

Aaron Green looks to be a step faster than Brown but Malcolm Brown runs with more power and is very similar to Adrian Peterson in high school. Brown is making a trip to camp this is it almost a lock that we get one of these two studs? Any chance we get both?

I'm still unsure of who I would want if I had to pick between the two. Right now, after the clips, I'd take Malcolm Brown but that could easily change.

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