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Afternoon Brewsky Bears Poor News For Baylor

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Horns_bullet_medium"Three-Ring Circus." On March 30, Ahmad Dixon told Burnt Orange Beat that he was 100% committed ($) to becoming a Texas Longhorn. That all changed less than two months later, when Dixon switched his commitment to Baylor. Less than a month after that, Dixon was still "100%" committed ($) to signing for his LOI next February to stay in his home town of Waco. Now, having been committed to the Bears for less than two months (and no longer possessing an offer from Texas), Dixon is currently "solid" ($) and/or "pretty firm" ($) in his commitment to Baylor, but plans on traveling to Auburn this weekend with Lache Seastrunk (his third visit), saying that he wants a chance to improve his game and pick up tips he can pass on to his teammates to help them improve.

Yet, Dixon also says that he, Seastrunk, and Seastrunk's close friend Trovon Reed, who planned on making the trip before having to cancel, met at a camp in Vegas this summer and discussed playing together, enough to prompt one tied-in Texas recruiting writer to dub the group "a three-ring circus." When asked if Auburn is recruiting him, Dixon gave contradictory answers to Scout and Rivals, telling Scout that Auburn isn't recruiting him and that they just want him to visit, "just in case," but told Rivals that Auburn has been recruiting him. So, which one is it?

Dixon may also stop in at an LSU camp if he and Seastrunk manage to leave Auburn in a timely fashion and there are rumors that he will visit Texas A&M as well. If all that isn't enough to cause consternation among Baylor fans, Dixon also told Scout that he's thinking about taking some visits in the fall. But hey, he said he was 100% committed two months ago, so that has to mean something, right? Right?

Horns_bullet_medium(Final?) Obligatory Seastrunk mention. Speaking of Seastrunk, this might be one of the last updates here in terms of the Lache Seastrunk recruitment. During the 7-on-7 championships last week Seastrunk said that he wasn't sure if the Longhorns were still recruiting him because he hadn't been in contact with the coaches, citing his busy summer school schedule. As mentioned above, that busy schedule isn't enough to keep him from visiting Auburn for the third time, but Seastrunk says he might take an official visit to Texas in the fall.

Coming from Seastrunk, that's not particularly believable, as he showed up late for the first Junior Day and then skipped out on the Texas camp in June and there are rumors that other coaches are beginning to tire of Seastrunk's antics, so his "super funny" plans might not draw as many laughs as he anticipates. Most Texas fans are certainly tired of the circus surrounding Seastrunk. So, it's probably about time to officially close the book on Lache Seastrunk and Texas -- the writing has certainly been on the wall for some time.

Horns_bullet_mediumGood/bad Darius White news. First the bad news. White says that his mother, once considered to favor the Longhorns, really likes Oklahoma ($) at this point (possibly because of the closer proximity to Fort Worth), meaning that Oklahoma may now be the favorite. The fact that Oklahoma is recruiting both of his teammates (Sander and Favors) is no doubt helping to sway White, who also reportedly says that he likes the fact that OU always has good quarterbacks (and the last terrible quarterback to play consistently at Texas was?).

So it now appears that both his mother, thought to be the major key in his recruitment, and his teammates, who certainly have a strong influence on White, are now in the corner of the Sooners. I mentioned this in my last Afternoon Brewsky, and I'll say it again for what will hopefully be the last time, but it is extremely unlikely that the Longhorns will pursue Rashod Favors -- it's just not worth talking about right now unless something changes. If White is going to swing back towards the Longhorns, it's almost undoubtedly going to be without any chance for him to play with his high school teammates in college.

And oh yeah, the good news was that Texas is in his top five, along with Florida, Texas Tech, USC, and Oklahoma. And sorry, because that's not really good news at all, as it would be a monumental surprise had White chosen to eliminate the Longhorns at this point. He's also considering taking a visit down to Florida in the next several weeks, so they could be moving up his list in the near future as well. I guess it's all really just bad news...

Horns_bullet_mediumFrom the Land of Miscellany. There are now rumors that Michael Wilcoxon, after speaking with the coaches, is going to take some more time with his decision before making it official...Out of respect to the privacy of Derek Johnson, I won't go into details about the nature of his personal issues, but it is sounding more likely that he will be able to work them out and be back in town for the start of fall practice...Evangel Christian's Jermauria Rasco will take his second unofficial visit to campus this weekend, excellent news for the Longhorns. However, conventional wisdom holds that LSU still leads for the star defensive end, who may end up being a top 10 national recruit...The Pirates have reportedly may well-above slot offers to both Colton Cain and Josh Urban and Jacob Cown, who was not expected to become eligible to play at Texas, signed with the Orioles. Urban may still end up at Texas, but it's becoming increasingly likely that Cain does not.