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Open Road Trips Thread

Confirmed: The Other Andrew and I have made our arrangements to spend All Hallow's Eve in the enemy's den in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We've got our tickets to the game and (literally) the last hotel room available in the city, at Stillwater's historic Motel 6. (Terrific linen service, we hear. And alarm clocks that wake you to the sound of another Oklahoma State... FIRST DOWN!)

To say I'm excited would be an understatement, and if Texas wins the RRS and enters the game undefeated, I'll need a wheelchair to get from Eskimo Joe's to the Boonefarm.

And so, with the calendar turning to August this weekend, I invite any and all to jump in with their road trip plans this fall. Anyone heading to Laramie or Columbia? Quick trip to Waco or College Station? I know a lot of you are headed to Dallas. Anyone gonna meet us in Stillwater?

This is your 2009 road trips thread. Who's goin' where?