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Not Colt McCoy's Roommate, But Still...

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One of my favorite things about putting together the Eyes of Texas annual is the plethora of statistical nuggets I inevitably digest researching/editing the various articles. Wanting to emphasize the importance of replacing Quan Cosby, I decided to tally the team's top four pass catchers over the team's final four games:

Player Rec Yds Avg TD
Cosby 34 432 12.7 6
Shipley 25 281 11.2 1
Collins 16 245 15.3 3
Kirkendoll 12 105 8.8 0

34 freaking catches in 4 games. That's almost as many as Tim Tebow would have had. Quan will be missed.

But he's not the only one who stands out in the chart; Brandon Collins does as well, which is why even before yesterday many of us were eyeballing the rising junior as a critical component to the Texas passing game this fall. Even so, Colt McCoy's comment about Collins ("Brandon Collins will be one of the most talented guys to come through Texas in a while at the wide receiver position. He's really picked it up.") at Big 12 Media Days was more important than typical teammate gushing. The chart above tells you all you need to know, but for the Sooners following along at home, a visual clue might help:


Quan Cosby may not have physical skills that make NFL scouts drool, but he had something for more important (to us): Colt McCoy's trust. Dependent as is Texas's option passing game on sure-handed receivers with exceptional rapport with the quarterback, McCoy's comment is an encouraging sign for the fall, where replacing Cosby will be less about outrageous talent and more about finding a guy with whom McCoy is 100% confident. Someone who, on that critical third down or last second play, Colt McCoy can lock eyes with on the line, not even needing to call an audible... Just a knowing glance that says it all: "Brandon, I think your tractor's sexy. (I'll hit you on a quick slant.)"