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Bevo's Daily Roundup - July 9, 2006


57 days until the Louisiana-Monroe game.


This was ugly.

Another sad episode in the life of Chris Sims. ESPN's Tim Griffin ranks the 2001 Texas-OU game as No.3 on his list of the Big 12's most memorable moments.

The Daily Texan looks at Mack Brown's tenure at UT.

But more important than the national title in 2005, more than the BCS bowl game wins and the eight consecutive 10-win seasons, Brown’s role is that of a bridge. He is the link between the Longhorns’ glorious past and its resurrection to the national stage, obscuring the mediocrity in between.

There is no doubt Brown is the best coach in Texas football history whose name does not reside on the stadium. Like Darrell K Royal before him, he was an outsider brought into the Texas tradition, a fact that did not win him instant acceptance. Along the way, there were struggles. He had a stretch of five consecutive losses to bitter rival Oklahoma and failed to win a BCS bowl or conference championship to start his career on the 40 Acres.

The student daily also looks at Sergio Kindle's unfortunate date with that wall.

According to the Sports Business Journal, UT ranked No. 1 in total sports revenue last year, raking in about $120 million ­­— more than half of which was the product of profits generated from the football program. In other words, Sergio Kindle and his fellow student athletes are big-time money makers for the University.

In fact, divided out evenly, each student-athlete on the football team generated approximately $1.12 million for UT last year.

So sure, Kindle and his teammates might just be football players, but they are far different from you or me in the eyes of the University — and good sense justifies this sentiment...

As Texas law does not address fleeing the scene of accidents resulting in damage to buildings as a crime, Kindle is not guilty of a criminal offense. According to his attorney, Kindle is only required to file a report with the Texas Department of Transportation, which his lawyer said he planned to do last Monday. In other words, Kindle performed all the necessary duties that were required by law.

For once, I would like to see people relax and wait to pass judgment. Most people screaming foul want to make sure Kindle is not receiving special treatment. Seeing as Kindle, like any normal Joe off the drag, is planning to pay for the damages he caused to both the apartment complex and the girl’s personal belongings, I see no further action necessary.

It is hypocritical of people to call for intensified scrutiny and to apply sweeping allegations to a situation just because a student happens to be an extremely valuable, high-profile athlete. I hope that if I was in Kindle’s unfortunate situation, that The Daily Texan and other media outlets would not throw me under the bus.





Dennis Franchione cost A&M a lot more than just their reputation. They're still paying the guy.

The job cuts are part of a university directive designed to reduce the budget by $4.5 million for the 2009-10 fiscal year.

And that comes after the resignation of A&M president Elsa Murano. The Aggies are still paying for Dennis Franchione and his $4.4 million settlement. The Bryan Eagle reports that sales of football season tickets are down for the upcoming season.

These struggles are prompting a lot of grumbling among A&M former students considering the recent economic success at two of the Aggies' biggest rivals.

The Aggies are taking a stroll down memory lane...again. Another video about Aggie Spirit. Mike Sherman wants to bring back the Wrecking Crew.

If you are looking for something to read during the 104 degree heat, here it is. You do not have to like the Aggies to enjoy the book. Bear Bryant at Texas A&M is just great football.

We aren't the only ones having fun with the Aggies.

While here at Tech we continue to push for flagship status, pushing our endowment and research to newer and greater heights, the Aggies continue to humor us. Welcome to A&M.

They are keeping Sam incognito. The OU athletic department is limiting access to Sam Bradford.

Oklahomans are just dying to see the Sooners get beat in Dallas. The Sooners have a 99% season ticket renewal rate.

Crimson and Cream Machine previews the receivers/tight ends.

It is business as usual in Lubbock. Dr. Saturday thinks the Red Raiders are back to their normal status in the Big 12.

This season is critical for establishing a "normal" baseline for the program: Is the '08 leap sustainable at all, or is a return to the 4-4/5-3 range in conference games inevitable? Almost everyone seems to think the latter, which is rational until proven otherwise. The schedule will let the Raiders sleepwalk into another bowl game, but short of an unlikely sweep of Houston, Nebraska and Kansas, it will probably be of the Alamo variety.