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Position Switch For Tray Allen?

The latest rumor making its way around the Longhorns interwebs involves heretofore offensive lineman Tray Allen making the move to... nose tackle? It certainly makes sense in some regards: Texas is thin at the position, Allen is struggling to break through the depth chart on the OL, and the Horns need a big body or two to eat up blockers on the interior of the D-Line. And certainly, if the coaches like what they're seeing from David Snow and Mason Walters more than what they're getting from Allen (a junior this fall), why not? If true, it's a creative gambit that speaks well of the coaches' willingness to try to get the most out of every player on the roster.

The big question would be whether Allen could get low enough to be effective. Allen is listed at 6-5; by comparison, former standout NTs Casey Hampton and Roy Miller are both 6-1. Which is not to say that taller tackles can't get it done, but it's difficult to get low enough to get the drive one needs to be disruptive.

[Update]: Burnt Orange Beat says the initial move happened on Friday ($) and that it is a "trial" move, not necessarily permanent. Also, their sources say that any rumors about grade issues for Ben Alexander and/or Lamarr Houston prompting Allen's move are untrue. --GhostofBigRoy--