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Week Two Injury Report

Leading up to the biggest revenge game of the season (OK, second biggest--but certainly the only one in which the 'Horns look to avenge a specific loss), there is thankfully very little news on the injury front--at least at the beginning of the week. Vondrell McGee was shaken up at Wyoming but is still at the top of the depth chart, meaning that at least for now, the staff expects him to play against Tech. Likewise for Michael Huey, who rejoins the depth chart after healing last week. Fozzy Whittaker is listed as third-string tailback.

Mason Walters and Jared Norton remain off the chart (update: both are officially out). The three academic ineligibles--Beasley, Scott, and Collins--have also not resurfaced in any official way, though the rumors about their status continue to swirl--and to contradict each other so much that they're not really worth repeating.

Hopefully that will be all the information we have for you this week!