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ESPN College Game Day Live Blog

Join me here from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. CT for a live blog of ESPN's College Game Day.

9:01  Fowler kicks us off with, "Revenge is a dish best served burnt orange." It's gonna be that kind of a show.

9:04  Big crowd of UT supporters gathered on the lawn. Desmond wearing a fine cowboy hat. Lee's suntan is Possessive Copper.

9:09  Fowler interviews Kiffin, finds four different ways to ask him if he feels as stupid as he sounds.

9:15  Gene Chizik Wired. Where's the part where he quits on his team midseason?

9:20  Incredible that Lee Corso is out there after suffering a minor stroke. Impressive.

9:26  Bevo "drops a message" for Texas Tech.

9:29  Corso highlights the BYU screen game; Texas fans are lost. Screen?

9:33  Great "under pressure" stat about Max Hall.

9:45  Damnit, Les Miles was nothing short of likable there. Huh.

9:55  Sign: "Even Lou Holtz Could Graduate From Tech"

10:01 Mack with one of the best non-answer answers of all time.

10:04 Fowler compares Kiffin to an out-of-control Kanye West.

10:12 Okay, y'all are on your own; I'm off to work on the TV schedule.