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Postgame React: Tune In To Tonight's Podcast

Oh cruel computer, how thou torture me so. A monstrous Postgame React post, disappeared into the netherworld. The Cliff's Notes version: the win was a relief, McCoy's gotta settle into a groove, Newton & Buckner are keys to that happening, and the only players better than Texas' star sophomore defenders (AW, Thomas, E-Acho, and Keenan) were the seniors (Muck, Kindle, Houston, and Eddie Jones (edit: Jones is a fourth-year junior, duh).

I may try to whip up the full Postgame React yet (and will certainly post it if I can find it), but in the meantime, make plans to be at your computer tonight at 8:00 p.m. CT for a Texas Tech Postgame Podcast with myself and Scipio Tex from Barking Carnival.

The podcast page is here, or you can come to BON before the show starts where full details will be posted.