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Bevo's Daily Roundup - September 23, 2009



Don't call it Q', people. We don't run mainstream offenses around here. This is the 'Wild Horn'...

Note to fans: Do not speak of the "Q package." That died a year ago on the grass of the Cotton Bowl.

What you saw Saturday night in the midst of Texas' 34-24 victory over Texas Tech was a resurrected version.

It's also been rebranded, to make sure there's no baggage from last year's failed experiment of having two quarterbacks on the field at the same time.

"It's the Wild Horn," Texas coach Mack Brown said Saturday night, playfully slapping the table to emphasize the name change.

Rodderick Muckelroy is a force.

The talk, throughout the past couple of years, has been about the disappointment and lack of playmakers.

Where have all the good linebackers gone? Why can't Texas recruit a dominating linebacker?

"I've heard the talk," Texas linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy said. "It's been here ever since I've been here."

Muckelroy is doing his part to end that talk.

He led the team in tackles last year with 112.

The Austin American-Statesman has a UTEP preview.

Could USC end up on our nonconference schedule?

There is no clear front-runner in the Heisman race, but Colt McCoy is definitely in the race.

Colt McCoy is smack dab in this horse race. They're not even at the first turn.

Yes, he's not leading. In my opinion, he's not even the favorite even though he finished as a runner-up to the now-disabled Sam Bradford in last year's Heisman balloting.

Tim Tebow is, was and will be the favorite to win his second Heisman because ESPN, CBS and Urban Meyer have already ordained it so.

But McCoy is and will be in the thick of it so long as his numbers don't dip so dramatically that he is seen as a mere mortal in a football uniform. Eighteen quarterbacks have a higher completion percentage than McCoy's current 68.18 stat.

In case you get the flu this season, use the McCoy cure.



Turn Up The Orange, a UTEP sports blog, is not happy about local Austin coverage of the game.

After yesterday's swipe at UTEP by the Austin American-Statesman, I came upon another story on the paper's Web site that takes another swing. An article written by Suzanne Halliburton begs three questions of the Longhorns this week. The first, "Can the Longhorns look good in a blowout?" What are you implying, Suzanne? That this week we'll be seeing a lopsided score? You must because you allude to UTEP's woeful defense and the fact that Texas is a heavy favorite. You also fail to mention that Texas' pass defense is ranked 105th in the country.

The story also says Longhorn defensive coordinator (and head-coach-in-waiting) Will Muschamp was delighted with his defense’s effort against Texas Tech. Delighted? About giving up 414 yards and exposing some flaws in the secondary? If Mike Price was the guy spouting that rhetoric under the same circumstances, most of you guys in Turn Up the Orange comment land would be losing your minds.

I've posted a UTEP preview from Bret Bloomquist, El Paso Times. Bret talked about the Miners' personnel and their 3-3-5 defense. If you want to know more about the 3-3-5, visit American Football Monthly. Thanks to Chris Brown of Smart Football for the article link.





Oklahoma State

The Cowboys are fighting injuries.

The Cowboys’ injury list is expanding.

Already minus two starters – running back Kendall Hunter (ankle) and defensive end Jermiah Price (hand) – OSU might be down two more. Coach Mike Gundy said Monday that cornerback Perrish Cox and wide receiver Dez Bryant were questionable for Saturday.



Will Sam Bradford be ready for the Miami game?

Not so fast... Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones was credited with tying a D-I freshman record against Tulsa. Oops. Someone messed up.




The North

The Cornhuskers just want to move on.

Bo Pelini said today he believes the Huskers' one-point loss Saturday to Virginia Tech will help Nebraska in the approaching Big 12 season.

"You've been tested," he said. "You've been in a tough environment. We know we're going to face that once we get into conference play, so I think we'll be a better football team because of it."

The South

Mike Leach just loves Taylor Potts' toughness.

The Red Raiders played musical chairs on defense and it worked.

Desperate circumstances forced the Red Raiders to take some unusual measures last week, but somehow they made the musical chairs work. Even losing 34-24 to No. 2 Texas, Tech fielded a credible, playmaking defense, one that kept the normally high-scoring Longhorns out of the end zone in the first half.

“I’ve never been part of a game like that,’’ Nickerson said Monday, “but what that shows me is we have a lot of soldiers and warriors on our defense, guys that are willing to do anything for a win.’’

Baylor had a hard time containing UConn's run game.

Baylor struggled to contain Andre Dixon and Jordan Todman as the Bears fell 30-22 to the Huskies on a night also marred by missed chances and a stagnant first half offense.

The running back duo combined for 252 yards against the Baylor defense that was on the field for 40 minutes Saturday night.




Texas High School Football: As Texan as church on Sunday and chicken fried steak.

Slow news day.