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Off-Week Injury Report

Another high-profile Big XII quarterback went down this week, with Baylor star and PB's favorite non-Texas player Robert Griffin tearing his ACL. We feel terrible for both Griffin and the Baylor fans, who entered the season with higher-than-usual expectations largely due to Griffin's proven prowess. Here's to a quick recovery for the young man.

Thankfully, there is again a dearth of news on the burnt orange injury front as the Longhorns remain, on the whole, relatively healthy. (We knocked on wood as soon as that sentence went down, we promise). Christian Scott and Brandon Collins remain out for their academic issues, though at least we got a little bit of good news on that front before the Tech game.

No one is listed as "out" right now for the Colorado game.  Fozzy Whittaker is still questionable with his knee issues, although honestly his chances of busting into the backfield playing time mix even if healthy get bleaker and bleaker with each Tre Newton carry. Mason Walters is also listed as questionable as of now.

That's it, and hopefully the 'Horns can rest and stay healthy during the off week.

[Update]: Both of the services are reporting that freshman defensive back Eryon Barnett will miss the rest of the season after injuring his shoulder. Some tough luck for Barnett, who tore his ACL last fall and worked hard to get ready for the season. --GoBR--