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What Does OU's Loss Mean For Texas?

It was almost a banner day for the Big 12, with heavy favorites rolling, Missouri thumping Illinois, Baylor taking care of Wake on the road, and Oklahoma State winning the showdown with an SEC team most everyone thought would win because, well, S-E-C! Even A&M looked good in rolling New Mexico.

And then OU wet the bed. On the one hand, I cackled with delight when my phone blew up with text messages around 9:00 PT last night, as the wedding I was attending began to wind down. Another big game away from Norman, another Oklahoma loss. Clearly, losing Bradford was a terrible blow of bad luck, but the Sooners were struggling before his injury, as well.

But what does the Sooners' loss mean for Texas? In the grand scheme of things, probably not much. For starters, it wasn't a conference loss. Furthermore, in my opinion (shared by most), Texas probably needs to win all its games to reach Pasadena, and though anything's possible, whether Texas played an undefeated, Top 5-ranked Oklahoma team or one with losses, the 'Horns need to win in Dallas if they want to play for the BCS Title. Moreover, who wants a national championship without a win over OU?

The only real effect of Oklahoma laying an egg is that the national hype surrounding this year's RRS will be somewhat diminished. For Mack Brown and Texas fans, the game remains as big as ever. For Bob Stoops and Oklahoma, the prospect of losing to Texas for the fourth time in five years is looking scarier than ever.

Hook 'em.