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Week One Injury Report

No doubt the most important injury affecting Texas' national title chances came not in Austin but 200 miles up the road in Dallas. Sam Bradford's shoulder sprain could devastate Oklahoma's now uphill climb to a national title or it could be just a road bump--only time will tell for sure. Meanwhile, the Horns had their own injury problems:

Jared Norton and Michael Huey will both be OUT for the Wyoming game. Both players suffered ankle injuries against ULM (EDIT: Norton allegedly hurt his shoulder, not his ankle) although Huey appeared to suffer the more severe injury. Junior Tray Allen will be moved to backup LG to replace David Snow, who will replace Huey as the starting RG, possibly ending Allen's stint as a jack-of-all-trades at DT and on special teams. According to the new depth chart, Rodderick Muckelroy will move to MLB and Keenan Robinson will get his first start at weakside LB. There's no word on how long either player will be out but it is not encouraging that Mack announced on Monday that they wouldn't play on Saturday; that means that there is no chance of full recovery in the next five days. Granted, sitting Norton and Huey could be merely precautionary since this is another pre-conference game. Nobody likes losing two starters, but we won't complain too loudly given what transpired in Dallas.

No new word on Fozzy Whittaker but he posted a "DNP" for the second straight opener. He remains third on the depth chart but he has now been joined by DJ Monroe, who had a spectacular game, as the third option.

Finally, Deon Beasley, Christian Scott and Brandon Collins were academic casualties. There has been no official word on how long the players will be suspended but we suspect an answer will be forthcoming within the week. Either they're suspended because of academics or they performed well enough in the classroom to play, right?

We'll post further updates later in the week as information comes out.