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Programming Notes: The Bet, EDSBS LIVE, Bracketology

After a day traveling back to snowy South Bend, I'm back in the saddle and will slowly start the climb back into the writing world. Given my schedule over the next two weeks, I'll be sporadic, but a few immediate points of order:

  1. The bet. For better or worse, I made a bet with Roll Bama Roll over the game. My payment: From now until National Signing Day, Dennis Franchione is my site avatar and "Alabama 37  Texas 21" is my signature. Pain.
  2. EDSBS LIVE season wrap. At 8:30 CST tonight, you can join Spencer and I as we wrap the 2009 college football season. I'm only barely able to write about the BCS Title Game; tonight, I'll be trying to talk live about it. Odds of me coming unglued? 96%.
  3. Bracketology. The Texas Basketball Report is on a brief hiatus while I pull my life together, but in the meantime, treat yourself to some March Madness projections, where Texas is the overall #1-seed in most brackets, including's 1/11 edition of Bracketology.