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Bevo's Daily Roundup - January 21, 2010

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The off-season. Starting next week, the Daily Roundup will go to two days a week, Monday and Thursday, until August. During the NCAA tournament and the College World Series (of course, Texas will be in both) we will go back to daily posts.

These are lessons we can do without. The loss to Kansas State provides numerous teaching points.

And Barnes will have plenty of teaching points to go over this week before the Longhorns travel to Storrs, Conn., to take on a suddenly Jim Calhoun-less Connecticut.

No. 1 on Barnes’ dry-erase board should be free throws. This team, for all its apparent boundless talent, cannot consistently make the simplest shot in the sport.

Columbia Tribune's Dave Matter was annoyed during the Texas-Kansas State basketball game on ESPN.

Once the K-State victory was all but decided, Knight saved his best moment for the game’s final minutes, when the raucous Bramlage Coliseum broke into the inevitable "Overrated!" chant. Seeing that sportsmanship was always his specialty, Knight reprimanded the home crowd and suggested they redirect the chants toward their team, with something catchy like "Great effort!" "Thank you, thank you!" or "Job well done!" Because, you know, that’s just how we remember fans at Indiana and Texas Tech saluting their teams when Knight roamed the sideline.

University of Texas two-time All-America fullback and Texas Sports Hall of Fame inductee Steve Worster is Bridge City's 2009 50th Anniversary Citizen of the Year.



Air Force's Tim DeRuyter will become the Aggies' new defensive coordinator.



Once upon a time college football coaches were respected.

These days too many top coaches carry images as silver-tongued mercenaries who will skip town for money or glamour or when NCAA investigators reach the county line. Trust your kids with these martinets and junior might get shut in a shed.

The Mount Rushmore of coaches once included Vince Lombardi, John Wooden and Ara Parseghian— and Mount Nittany still offers Joe Paterno. Sadly, some of today's college coaches appear better suited for a rogues' gallery than chiseled in rock.