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Jordan Hicks Announcement Thread [UPDATE: HICKS SELECTS TEXAS]

11:39 AM Update -- Several reports on Twitter now have Hicks attending Texas. Looks official -- Jordan Hicks will be a Longhorn. Amazing, Unbelievable. Awesome.

A couple final thoughts on the factors favoring Texas before Hicks makes his announcement:

-Hicks was reportedly miffed at Urban Meyer for not making it to the in-home visit several weeks ago.

-Jordan's mother is going to be moving with Jordan if he decides to attend Texas and reportedly loves Austin, as does his sister, who would also make the move. In addition, it's been speculated that Hicks wants to attend school in a warm-weather state.

-HIs mother also knows Jeff Madden from their time working at Colorado -- this is someone she would trust to give her son the best chance to play in the NFL.

-Hicks loves Coach Boom.

-The Longhorns run the same defensive scheme as Lakota West -- there would be little transition.

Prediction: Hicks throws his Horns up. It's Texas. --GoBR--

Jeffcoat makes us one for one today. At a noon CST press conference Jordan Hicks will announce his final decision between Texas, Ohio State, and Florida.

Let's make it two for two.