Will Russ Committed to Texas?

Why the f not? This is, after all, January 29, 2010, the day the Longhorns rule the recruiting world. Stealing from the piggies is good. -- GoBR-- 1:52 pm Update: Okay, here's the deal -- Russ is visiting Austin Friday afternoon and plans until staying on Sunday. It looks like the Shreveport newspaper's report is incorrect, as is the assertion by Russ' coach that Texas has already offered. Russ himself refuted the Thursday report from Shreveport to the Rivals Piggie affiliate. In all likelihood, Russ will formally receive his offer some time Friday evening in a meeting with Mack Brown in his office. Russ may indeed commit, which his coach says is what he "fully expects" because "Texas is Texas." Indeed, coach. On this day, Texas is certainly Texas, With us or against us. -- GoBR -- A local Shreveport television station is reporting that Will Russ has swapped his commitment from Arkansas to Texas. I have not been able to confirm this information yet, but will update when more information is available.