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Dear Alabama: It's Supposed To Be Fun

There are differences between Texas and Alabama. Differences in personnel. Differences in scheme.

But more than anything, there seems to be a big ol' difference in attitude. Fun? Not in Nick Saban's playbook. Events surrounding the game? Painful clutter.

It's not just the coaches, but the players, too.


And if that's not enough, the no-fun masochism has even infected the fans, too. Our friends over at Roll Bama Roll are preparing for this game as they have for every other this season... by confessing all the horrible, embarrassing things they've done.

You take your cues from your leaders, so I suppose it's no surprise, but I sure hope the Alabama players are wound up far too tight when they take the field on Thursday evening. I like that Mack Brown is working hard to keep things loose and fun.

Which is precisely what we'll do right here. While Bama fans purge their sins, let's celebrate some goodness. This is your open Good Juju thread. Confess something good that's gone your way in the last couple weeks, like seeing Nebraska curb-stomp Arizona 33-0.

My contribution: I got engaged last week, and this week got my law exam grades for a 3.7 GPA.

Holler with your good news. You know, cuz we're gangsta.