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Notice to trolls and idiots

We're not quick with the banhammer in this community, but make no mistake, patience is running thin for people who are simply coming here to rile others up, talk stupid trash (especially if Alabama is not even your team), or insult some of our players.  Even if you're a Texas fan, refrain from such comments like, "OMG WE SUCK!  FIRE EVERYONE!  COLT GAVE UP ON US!  GILBERT SUXXXX!"  Such comments require very little thinking, if any.

In other words, regardless of your affiliation, contribute something intelligent and you're welcome here.  If not, you're not welcome here.  Simple as that.  And if you persist in your stupidity, we won't miss your presence after you're shown the proverbial door.  Got it?  Good.

Hopefully, this unpleasant message can be taken down when everyone behaves.